A picture of 'Tregaron Girls Bag Navy Blue''
  • A picture of\'Tregaron Girls Bag Navy Blue\'
  • A picture of\'Tregaron Girls Bag Navy Blue\'

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Medium: Cloth

Tregaron Girls Bag Navy Blue £12.95

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Mae’n bwrw glaw allan,
Mae’n hindda’n y ty.
Mae merched Tregaron
Yn nyddu gwlan du.

(Outside it’s raining, inside it’s fair. The girls of Tregaron, spin black wool to wear.)

This is a well-known Welsh nursery rhyme, known throughout Wales. It refers to a time when Tregaron was a thriving market town and the people knitted woollen stockings to supplement their income. The stockings were sold in the markets of the South Wales valleys where coal mining was a booming industry. Those knitted from black wool were very popular (for obvious reasons!) and typical of Tregaron.