A picture of Mclaggan Smith Mugs

Mclaggan Smith Mugs

Mclaggan Smith Mugs Ltd is an award winning family company. Based in the West of Scotland we are the UK market leaders in the printing and decoration of bespoke and personalised bone china mugs.

The business was established in 1974 by Wally Mclaggan Smith in his garage in Helensburgh. A year later the firm moved seven miles to Jamestown at the Southern tip of Loch Lomond. After several extensions to the building over the years, the company still operates from this factory today. Each mug is printed and decorated here in the UK by our cheery, hardworking, skilled and experienced staff.

Our bone china mugs are finer than standard earthenware and porcelain mugs which makes them much nicer to drink from. The body of bone china is whiter than other ware which makes the colours appear brighter and sharper. Also, bone china tends to be stronger and harder wearing.