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A Northern Light

A Northern Light is based in Manchester. The business owner, Claire, grew up loving painting, art and creating things but she always seemed to come back to drawing and illustration. After attending a short graphic design course, Claire realised that she loved the mixture of illustration and design, and was able to use the two to begin making cards and prints. However, she then wanted to design something 'physical' that could be in people’s homes and be a part of people’s lives, so she decided to experiment with putting her illustrations on lamps. Once she had a basic understanding of the process in making lighting she began ordering various materials and components and played with many different ideas.

All of A Northern Light’s products are handmade to the highest standard so you’ll never be disappointed with the quality of the products. They sell cards, prints, lamps, lampshades and candle covers that come in many beautiful patterns and colours with something bound to suit the taste of everyone.