Welsh Gold Heritage

Aur Cymru Crai

Welsh Gold Mines

Gold has been mined in Wales since prehistoric times. The pre-Christian Celtic chieftains wore gold torcs and armbands of exquisite workmanship, and became wealthy as a result of trading in gold and other metals. In later times, the Romans took possession of some of the mines and developed larger scale mining operations. Later still, the Welsh princes also became rulers of considerable wealth and power due to their rich supplies of metal ores. Following the Acts of Union of England and Wales in 1536 and 1542 the mining rights became the property of the Crown of England. Royalties are still payable to the Crown on any gold mined in Wales, and it is traditional for the Royal Family's wedding rings to be made of Welsh Gold.

Celtic mines were probably very small and close to the surface. It is only the few mines that were worked and enlarged by the Romans that are still known to us today - those at Dolau Cothi in Carmarthenshire, and a number of mines near Dolgellau in north Wales. These have been further developed and commercially mined at intervals during the past 200 years.

Finished Welsh Gold

Rhiannon Welsh Gold

The only significant yield of Welsh Gold during recent years came from the Gwynfynydd mine during the 1980s. Rhiannon is one of only three licensed users of that gold, which was carefully controlled and independently stamped with the 'Welsh Maiden' mark of authenticity. Her pieces made from this pure Welsh Gold are now priceless collectors items.

The mine closed in 1989, leading to a dramatic increase in Welsh Gold prices. Rhiannon is now using her reserves to produce a more affordable 'Rhiannon Welsh Gold' - a blend of 10% Gwynfynydd Welsh Gold. Each design in the Rhiannon Welsh Gold collection is made only in this unique material, and is stamped with Rhiannon's special registered mark. Production is limited and every piece is made by Rhiannon personally. A special certificate signed by Rhiannon is provided with each piece.

Rhiannon Welsh Gold Registered Mark

Authentic Welsh Gold

Since Welsh Gold is so precious and rare, and that it's impossible to distinguish it from ordinary gold with the naked eye, it is very important to ensure the authenticity and provenance of Welsh Gold before buying it. Rhiannon Welsh Gold contains a guaranteed and certified genuine 10% Welsh Gold of Gwynfynydd provenance.