Gwasg Gwynfil

Wales had a long, strong tradition of publishing books through subscription until relatively recently.Gwern Evans, founder of Gwasg Gwynfil was inspired to go back to this old fashioned way of publishing when venturing into the publishing world. In a very deliberate reaction to digitisation the books are all hardcover, printed on high quality paper and in relatively small numbers. Each and every one of the very first publication, Hud Afon Arth, was hand bound in Aberystwyth by Blair Bookbinding, using top quality materials. The book itself designed to be a beautiful object - a fitting tribute to its content which combines art, poetry and literary essays. It is Gwasg Gwynfil's mission to continue to be devoted to the detail, quality and content so that we can create premium books that people will love to read and keep.

Being a subscriber to a Gwasg Gwynfil publication is a way to very literally be part of a book. Not simply to have your name in print but to let future generations know that you supported the publication. "Every time I find my family listed as subscribers in an old book it brings a smile to my face as it creates that extra personal connection." Hopefully Gwasg Gwynfil will be able to do the same for many thousands of future children and grandchildren!